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Train in Public With Friends

Pack walks are for dogs who need help with neutrality and socialization in a public setting. Pack walk locations are chosen to ensure it is both challenging and safe for you and your dog. Guidance and training tips will be given during the walk and rules are strictly enforced. No dog will be turned away due to barking, reactivity, or an inability to hold still. Dogs who's handlers cannot maintain physical control over their dogs, or are disrespectful will be asked to leave. 

Pack Walks

I hold 2 free pack walks every month rain or shine. They are a great opportunity for you to expose your dog to different environments, people, and animals in a supportive setting. The walks are open to current clients, past clients, and the general public. There is no fee to attend. Clients are advised to attend as many walks as possible to help supplement their training. It's required that all dogs be on some type of collar or harness and a leash at all times. No dog on dog or human on dog greetings are allowed.


To learn about all upcoming Pack Walks or to register please follow the link below.

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